Fortnite Copies Apex Legends with Fortnite Respawn Van Coming Soon
Fortnite Respawn
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The battle of the battle royale games has heated up, with Fortnite getting some serious competition from Respawn Entertainment’s recently released Apex Legends. Although both games are battle royale and have similar gameplay mechanics and features, they also each have their own unique draws to get players to play. One feature’s been lacking in Epic Games’ offering, with fans asking for a Fortnite respawn option – which has been available in Apex Legends since launch – basically since the game’s inception.

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The reboot van is Fortnite‘s respawn option and it’s coming to the game next week. Just like in Apex Legends where downed players drop a tag, which their teammates can grab within a limited time to bring them back, the Fortnite respawn option will also require players to retrieve reboot cards dropped by the downed player. Once you’ve collected the reboot card, you can take it to one of the new Fortnite reboot vans to bring your teammate back.

The Fortnite respawn feature does come at a very loud and bright price. When you take a reboot card to a reboot van, loud music is cued and a beacon of light burst into the sky. This obviously exposes you and your teammate to possible attacks. As we don’t know yet how long the Fortnite respawn process will take, it could be a bit stressful to feel so exposed while trying to bring back a downed teammate.

A reboot van in Fortnite needs to be recharged before it can be used again. Details weren’t released in terms of how long this recharging process can take after you’ve used the reboot van, but it makes the Fortnite respawn option a little more valuable and challenging.

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This new update comes after fans have been demanding that Epic Games revert Fortnite back to a previous patch, which Ninja believes isn’t going to happen. Maybe this update is what players have needed from the game, or maybe it’s too little too late.

Are you excited that Fortnite has introduced a respawn option?






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