Fortnite Season 8 Adds Apex Legends Ping Feature
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Fortnite has been the king of the battle royale game genre for a while (and arguably still is) before Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends was surprise released early in 2019. The two games have their similarities, but they have their own unique features which draw players in. Now, Fortnite Season 8 just went live, bringing with it a slew of new features, one of which it borrowed from (is that the right verb?) a popular Apex Legends feature – the ping feature.

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Fortnite Season 8 went live yesterday (28 February 2019) and will run for a 10-week period until 10 May 2019. When the new update went live in the game, a new feature that’s very similar to a popular feature in Apex Legends was introduced in Fortnite.

In Apex Legends, players are able to ping their three-person squad to let them know where enemies are and where they can find items. Now, with the introduction of Fortnite Season 8, markers have become more useful in the game by making them more similar to the ping feature in Apex Legends.

Fortnite always allowed players to set markers on the map, but previously, these markers didn’t have any useful information for players to know why their teammates dropped them there. The new marker feature highlights the items you place them on and shows some details regarding their rareness. When you want to let your squad know that there is an enemy in the area, markers will now light up the area with a red dot to notify your squad. These map markers have been updated to be more visible to other players.

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If you didn’t earn a free Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 8 by completing 13 Season 7 Overtime Challenges, you can buy one for 950 V-Bucks. Season 8 brings with it major map updates, new pirate canons, new skins, emotes, glides, that new hoverboard, and a lot more.

Fortnite Season 8

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