Fortnite Split-Screen Gets Renabled After Major Technical Issue
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Epic Games released an update last week that enabled a new split-screen feature in Fortnite. This meant that players on PS4 and Xbox One could connect another controller to their console and join a match online together. However, soon after the mode released it was disabled due to a major technical issue. This all happened on 12 December 2019 and it has taken Epic Games a while to sort out the problem. The good news is that the mode is now live again for all PS4 and Xbox One players to enjoy.

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According to the V11.30 patch notes, Fortnite split-screen is now live and available. However, Epic Games has stated that the mode is still a work in progress and may still feature a couple of bugs of which they will iron out in the coming weeks. Fortnite split-screen requires either a PS4 or Xbox One and a stable internet in order to run smoothly.

In order for you to take advantage of the mode, users need to log into Fortnite, load up the lobby and at the bottom corner of the screen there will be a prompt that states “hold “X” to login”. You will then be able to use a second controller to log into your account and join the lobby. Both players will be able to view their locker, changer skins and control the lobby by holding down a button in order to take control of the menus.

Remember to log into Fortnite daily for the next two weeks in order to obtain your free gifts. The Fortnite Winterfest event is underway which is handing out 14 free gifts to players.

Take a look at a cool trailer to celebrate the launch of the new in-game feature down below.






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