Fortnite’s Cube Is Gone And a New Location Appears
Fortnite's Cube
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Last night, the Fortnite one-time, in-game event took place and it was watched by over one million people on Twitch.

There existed an unspoken “don’t shoot” rule between Fortnite players as most just hovered near the cube to witness the event. At first, it started pulsing, with not much else happening. Some players soon got bored and started shooting the cube with no apparent effect. It eventually started leaking and small bits of the cube seemed to drop down into the lake far below. After a short waiting period, the cube started spinning until everyone close to it was engulfed in a bright light.

When the light dispersed players found that they were transported to another dimension. After floating around a short while a mysterious light appeared that transformed into a big butterfly made entirely of light. In the distance, more light spheres were floating around high up in the sky.

After touching the butterfly players were again transported back to the real world of Fortnite where battle royale awaited them in full swing. Loot Island is gone and in its place is a brand new section of smaller islands.

I watched the event on Ninja’s stream, so if you missed it just watch the video below. The above cover image is from that event. There’s a cool moment at 3.38 where the butterfly lands on his finger. You can also get a look at the new section.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”600″]

Epic Games also announced a new set of challenges dubbed the “Lil’ Kev challenge pack” in honour of Kevin the Cube that is no more.

If watching Ninja play Fortnite is your thing, and you sadly have nothing planned for New Year’s, then you can tune into his Twitch stream as he ushers in 2019 around the world from Times Square.






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