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Forza Motorsport is a Live Service Game With Years of Support According to Xbox

You’ll be playing the upcoming Forza Motorsport game for a long time according to Microsoft. The company has confirmed that the upcoming racing simulator has been built around a live-service model and aims to be updated with content for years to come.

This is nothing new in gaming. In fact, Forza Horizon 5 was sort of a live-service racer already. It had years of support with DLC packs and event content added to the game. While it isn’t as live-service as say, Halo: Infinite, it wasn’t a standalone racing game.

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While it is still unclear how Turn 10 plans to implement a live-service model into Forza Motorsport, the studio has apparently looked at the game as an “evolution of the experience”. Part of this is shifting its focus towards live service.

In an interview with IGN, Phil Spencer says Forza Motorsport is an evolution of the experience across the board. He claims that not only is the approach to the tracks and cars completely different but the game model and support are too.

He confirmed that losing the number in the game title has also marked a new beginning for the series. This also ties into the live-service model. So instead of moving to Forza Motorsport 2, this upcoming game will remain the racer you play for the next couple of years.

“I think what we see with Forza is the evolution of the experience as much about the tech as it is tracks and cars. And we know that, when people make an investment in the game, they want to make sure we continue to support the game. And in some ways, when you put a numeral on the end of the franchise, it instantly says, ‘Okay, well, now you need to move to Forza and plus one.’”

It will be interesting to see how this new approach goes. Especially for a racer that isn’t as accessible to the masses as the Horizon series. Forza Motorsport releases on 10 October for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass.

Source: IGN

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