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Forza Motorsport Reportedly Launching in October

The next Forza Motorsport from developer Turn10 Studios is one of the biggest exclusive releases of the year from Xbox. The anticipated racing simulation game will seemingly be a reboot of the series given the naming convention and feature a big leap in graphical fidelity and gameplay. While the game has yet to receive a concrete release date, a new report suggests that the racer will be out by October this year.

Speaking on the latest Defining Duke episode, YouTube content creator MrMattyPlays stated that Forza Motorsport might release in October. There seems to be some debate online about the validity of the creator’s claims and whether or not he possesses actual insider information, so take everything here with a pinch of salt. That said, October seems to be a good estimate for when we can expect Forza Motorsport to arrive.

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In terms of big first-party releases from Xbox this year, the company recently released Arkane’s open-world vampire action game Redfall to underwhelming reviews. Xbox head Phil Spencer took accountability and promised fans that Arkane Austin would be working towards fixing the known technical issues with the game, though also admitted that Redfall‘s core problems couldn’t simply be fixed with patches.

On the other hand, fans are a bit more optimistic about Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield, which has been in development for a little over half a decade now. Starfield is scheduled to release on 6 September and there’s a lot riding on it to be a hit for Xbox, especially in light of Redfall‘s disastrous launch.

Forza Motorsport will surely appeal to die-hard fans of the racing series. If it does launch in October, then Xbox might have a good second half of 2023 as long as Starfield sticks the landing.

Forza Motorsport is currently in development for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Reddit

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  • Turn10sucksballs 15 May 2023

    Turn 10 is a car full of people. they tried to pretend they were retooling the game and spending years to make it great. In reality they have a development team of nothing that has minimal car and minimal racing knowledge and minimal program knowledge. Thats why tracks are cut and the marketing feels the most important thing is about immersive soundscapes and driving for blind people. Honestly if you work at turn you should be fucking embarassed of what you have squandered and helped destroy. Get a life and go back to working at the yogurt shop. grow up. Study racing and cars, don’t be a fucking arrogant jackass that provides dog shit. If I worked for turn 10 – 10 years ago I would have retained the highest playership ever with zero new content. Laziest, dumbest entity I have seen. HELLLO BUNGIE TURN 10 WANTS TO MERGE WITH YOU SO WE CAN BE INCOMPTENT FUCKING LOSERS TOGETHER. Christ Ballsaki and his know nothing team should be put in a giant dumpster and lit on fire.

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