Forza Motorsport Split-Screen Other Features Launch

Forza Motorsport Won’t Have Split-Screen and Other Features at Launch

Developer Turn 10 Studios has revealed that its upcoming Xbox exclusive racing title, Forza Motorsport, will be missing split-screen and other features when it launches this October. These legacy features have been present in previous entries but it looks like they will be added into the game as a post-launch update at some point.

During the most recent Forza Monthly broadcast, Forza Motorsport creative director Chris Esaki confirmed that the game will not have split-screen functionality at launch. Additionally, other features such as spectator mode and being able to race against AI in certain multiplayer modes will also be absent on release. Esaki stated that pushing the game’s graphics required a complete overhaul of its rendering engine, which made it difficult to add split-screen to the final product on time.

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Esaki explained in the broadcast:

“Having players come into a featured multiplayer event and taking player slots, and then spectating? It’s not really the racing we had intended. Similarly, racing with AI in featured multiplayer with all its potential impacts on your safety rating also didn’t make a whole lot of sense to have and is not going to be available for us at launch.”

Fans quickly noted the similarities to Halo Infinite which also launched with a list of missing content including local co-op – which was later cancelled by 343 Industries.

That said, Turn 10 Studios promises that this year’s Forza Motorsport will have great content for players to dig into including a host of accessibility options and plenty of single-player and multiplayer options. While the lack of split-screen is a bit disheartening, hopefully the developer aims to add the feature to the game sooner rather than later and not face a repeat of what happened to Halo Infinite.

Forza Motorsport launches on 10 October 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also release day one on Xbox Game Pass. Check out the latest Forza Monthly video below:

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