Free Dreams VR Expansion Update Arrives in July

PS4 Dreams VR Expansion demo Media Molecule
Free Dreams VR Expansion Update Arrives in July

Dreams released back in February this year. However, at launch, the VR mode was not ready. During the DreamsCon showcase, developer Media Molecule announced that the Dreams VR expansion will arrive on 22 July 2020. Dreams players will be able to download the free update that enabled PlayStation VR support through the game. The update will include a load of tutorials, how-tos, and kits to get players started when creating their PS VR creations. In addition, there’s brand-new content to play curated by Media Molecule.

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The Dreams VR expansion launches with Inside the Box. This marks an all-new VR introduction to help players familiarize themselves with Dreams VR controls and movement. DreamShaping is also getting its own VR tutorials that teach players how to use the VR system and controls to create in the game.

Media Molecule claims that creating in VR is truly unique. Players can use the PlayStation Move controller to sculpt items and get fully immersed in the creation process. Players can also create VR content without using the PS VR system allowing them to express their creativity in any way possible.

As for the experiences, Media Molecule has created a handful of games to play in VR. Box Blaster sees you testing your sharp-shooting skills as you use the VR and controllers to play the game. Expect a handful of unique VR-only games available at the launch of the Dreams VR expansion.

Check out the reveal trailer for the upcoming expansion down below and read my review of the game where I scored it a perfect 10.

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