Free PS+ PS5 Upgrade For Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced

"Should have happened in March"

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 Upgrade Shipments Review
Free PS+ PS5 Upgrade For Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced

Square Enix has announced that users who managed to redeem Final Fantasy VII Remake through PlayStation Plus in March this year can upgrade to the PS5 version starting this Wednesday.

Sony gave away the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake back in March through PlayStation Plus. In April, the PS5 upgraded version of the game was released alongside the Intergrade DLC. However, users who grabbed the free game through PlayStation Plus were unable to upgrade their game from PS4 to PS5 and benefit from the enhanced visuals.

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The only way you could upgrade your copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake from PS4 to PS5 was if you purchased the game separately. This has now changed. Square Enix says that everyone who owns the game through PlayStation Plus can upgrade starting this Wednesday.

On Wednesday, users should start to see the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation Store. Instead of asking the users to purchase the game, you should be able to complete the transaction for free and begin downloading your PS5 game.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy VII Remake lets you migrate your save data from the PS4 to the PS5 game. You will need to manually upload your saved data on the PS4 version and download it again on the PS5 game. So make sure you do this before you delete the PS4 game else you’ll need to download it again in order to initiate the upload.

Those of you who don’t own the Intergrade DLC, Square Enix also says that the episode will be on sale this week too. You can grab the DLC pack for 25% for a limited time. The sale is expected to start on Wednesday alongside a new PlayStation Network sale campaign.

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