For those who don’t know, Dauntless is developed by Pheonix Labs and is a free-to-play Monster Hunter type experience. PC gamers have been able to play the beta since last May and now, finally, a full release has been announced. Even better, for console gamers, the Dauntless console release date is the same day as the official full release.

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The Dauntless console release date is 21 May 2019. Since the game is free-to-play (with PS+ or Xbox Live Gold required) there is no reason not to check it out, especially if you are a Monster Hunter fan.

The game focuses on partying up with others to take down huge creatures and it has a fantastic art style (which you can check out in the video below). You farm for more materials, craft awesome weapons and armour, then take on even bigger creatures. However, fights are shorter than Monster Hunter and the combat is a bit easier, so it is more accessible to the masses.

As a free-to-play title, Dauntless does have microtransactions, but these are mostly cosmetic. The game also has a Battle Pass (hunt Pass) type system, costing around $10, but there is no word on exactly how much it will cost for South Africans. Probably around the R140-R150 mark.

PC gamers will have to download it through the Epic Games Store as it is yet another exclusive. Mobile, as well as the Nintendo Switch versions,  are expected to release later this year.

Check out the Dauntless console release date trailer below and then tell us if you will be giving the game a shot later this year.

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