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From Software is Recruiting for Multiple New Projects

From Software, the acclaimed developer behind games like Elden Ring, Bloodborne and Dark Souls, has started recruiting for multiple new projects. The company recently released the action game Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon and has a massive expansion for Elden Ring, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, on the way. Beyond that, it looks like it’s gearing up for several new projects – it’s anyone’s guess what they could be.

As reported by IGN Japan, From Software is currently recruiting “large-scale development staff” for multiple new projects. Apart from Shadow of the Erdtree, the developer’s schedule for 2024 and beyond largely remains a mystery. There have been whispers of everything from a potential Elden Ring sequel to more new IPs, though it’s possibly the latter as From Software has a tendency to focus on the creation of new properties instead of follow-ups.

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Back in March, we reported that From Software’s next game had already entered development. A separate team is apparently focusing on the Elden Ring expansion at the moment while a few key developers have already moved onto the next big release. Recruiting new staff would also benefit the company’s plans to self-publish its own games in the near future.

Fans have speculated about what From Software has in store for future releases. While sequels aren’t out of the question entirely – and it would make sense for an Elden Ring sequel since the game is currently the company’s (and publisher Bandai Namco’s) best-selling title of all time – most agree that new IPs are where the developer’s strengths lie. Others are just hopeful that we’ll get a sequel to Bloodborne, though we may have to keep that one in our dreams.

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Source: IGN Japan

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