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From Software Parent Company Has Been Hacked by Ransomware Group

Kadokawa Corporation, the parent company of acclaimed Elden Ring developer From Software, has apparently been hacked by a ransomware group claiming to have hacked 1.5TB of personal data that they’re now threatening to release to the public. The gang, calling themselves the BlackSuit Group, says it will publish personal information on Kadokawa employees if it isn’t paid enough.

As reported by Twitter/X cyber security account FalconFeeds, personal information of the employees of From Software parent company Kadokawa Corporation is apparently being held for ransom by the BlackSuit Group, who are demanding money. If the demands are not met, then the information, which includes contracts, DocuSigned papers, legal papers, financial data and “other internal-use-only papers and confidential data”, will be published on 1 July.

“Our team gained access to the Kadokawa network almost a month ago,” said the group, claiming to have “personal info, payments, contracts, emails etc” of Kadokawa employees. The group stated:

“Since we are people of business we are only interested in money. Kadokawa is trying to settle the deal, but the amount of money they have offered is extremely low for this company. Long story short, we have gained access to very personal information regarding Japanese citizens. Those people would definitely like to keep the data related to their private life confidential, no one would like to see ‘things they are doing in the night’ going public, including their emails and browsing history.”

The BlackSuit Group is also accused of hacking CDK Global, a software provider for thousands of car dealerships in America, so this isn’t its first stint in hacking large corporations and companies – most of the information is then shared on the Dark Web for the sake of anonymity.

The group added:

“Kadokawas’ management should understand one thing, is that everything will go public if we will not make a deal until the end of this week. Right now the confidential life details of many Japanese citizens depend upon Kadokawas’ management decision. We dont think that Kadokawa’s top management would like to spend the following few months bending in excuses. Such exercises do not fit them at all. It would be much easier to pay and keep moving forward for such a company as Kadokawa is.”

The story is currently ongoing so we’ll keep you updated with any developments.

Source: FalconFeeds

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