The First Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer Is Finally Here

It’s been an insanely long wait for Frozen fans to get any kind of details for the upcoming, and much-anticipated sequel to the 2013 movie from Disney. Now, a Frozen 2 teaser trailer has finally been unleashed. There hasn’t been much promotional material for Frozen 2, until now. And expect it to start flooding in as we get closer to the movie’s November 2019 release date.

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The first teaser for Frozen 2 feels like it was worth the wait, as it’s quite awesome to experience. We see Elsa having to dramatically fight through a rough ocean. The other main characters are also showcased. Anna is shown at the castle in an enchanting setting but seems worried about the floating diamonds that surround it. Her setting then changes to something representing a cave prison, from which it looks she’s trying to escape. Kristoff is also there and seems to be on a daring mission with his reindeer companion, Sven. We’re also given a brief glimpse of Olaf with Elsa inside an enchanted heart.

The entire trailer is visually thrilling and you can already hear a great score and hit soundtrack in the making. Arrendale is no longer frozen but bathed in a beautiful autumn filled with stunning colours that are sure to come alive on the big screen.

Frozen 2

The tone of the first teaser trailer is pretty ominous, with the three main characters seeming pretty upset about something and on a mission to find a solution for their concerns. Have a look at the first teaser trailer for yourself.

Frozen 2 sees Idina Menzel (as Elsa), Kristen Bell (as Anna), Jonathan Groff (as Kristoff), and Josh Gad (as the beloved snowman, Olaf), return to voice the characters they first breathed life into in the 2013-movie. The sequel is directed by the same directors of the first Frozen movie – Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck.

Frozen was a huge hit, so the pressure is on to make Frozen 2 also a favourite amongst the fans. This first teaser trailer does look pretty promising, with the movie hopefully being another masterpiece like its predecessor which won two Oscars for Best Animation Film and Best Song (for the smash hit, Let it Go).

Are you excited about the upcoming movie?

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