Funko AAA Action Platformer Video Game SDCC

Funko is Making a ‘AAA Action Platformer’ Video Game

Funko, the makers of the ever-popular pop figures, is entering the video game industry. The company announced at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) that it’s teaming up with studio 10:10 Games to develop a “AAA action platformer”, expected to release next year. No other details were offered about the game.

We can make the assumption that the game will likely leverage Funko’s licensing rights to practically every piece of pop culture in the world, which would make it quite a unique case. It’s possible that 10:10 Games and Funko could also shy away from intellectual properties and produce something original. Both companies were short on details at SDCC.

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Funko CEO Andrew Perlmutter commented on the partnership and the company’s first AAA video game:

“Creating iconic products that emotionally connect fans to their favourite fandoms is critical to each product portfolio decision. By partnering with 10:10 Games and utilising the best creators in the business, we will have the talent to deliver games that reflect Funko’s unique look and feel across its lines and varied products.”

BAFTA award winner Jon Burton is at the helm of the game’s development who, according to Funko, “has gathered some of the industry’s best creators” to work on this new action platformer.

If the game is along the lines of Sackboy: A Big Adventure or any of the Astro Bot games (which already did somewhat of a crossover/celebration of PlayStation IPs in 2020’s Astro’s Playroom), then it could be something worth looking forward to. 10:10 Games is also a relatively new development studio, which currently has around 39 employees according to its LinkedIn page.

Given that the game is meant to release in 2023, we’ll likely hear or see more of it in the next few months. In the meantime, there are plenty of Funko pops to collect.

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