Furiosa A Mad Max Saga Disappointing Box Office Opening Weekend

Furiosa Releases to Disappointing Box Office Opening Weekend

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, a prequel to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, has released to a disappointing opening weekend at the global box office. The movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular Furiosa (previously played by Charlize Theron) as well as Chris Hemsworth but despite the star power behind the blockbuster, it failed to make a dent in the box office against its considerably large budget.

As reported by Deadline, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga only earned $58.9 million from its global launch – $33.3 million of which was from international play while $25.6 million was from domestic ticket sales. Over on RottenTomatoes, the movie holds a 90% approval rating with critics praising its action and cinematography. It still wasn’t enough to become a box office success in its opening weekend though, marking one of the worst Memorial Day opening weekends in nearly three decades.

The put that into perspective, Furiosa‘s production budget was $168 million, which for a big-budget release in cinemas worldwide, was expected to do well on release. There are quite a few factors that possibly contributed towards the movie’s weak weekend launch.

For one, Furiosa wasn’t nearly as heavily marketed as Mad Max: Fury Road. Others speculate that Anya Taylor-Joy didn’t have the star power of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron which drew audiences to Fury Road. There’s also the fact that the Mad Max franchise is generally quite niche and it was always going to be a big risk making a big-budget prequel..

Furiosa’s run in cinemas isn’t over yet and there’s still time for the movie to gain traction through good word of mouth. To address the elephant in the room, with the rise of streaming services, there’s the possibility that general audiences would rather wait for movies to hit Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or other services – it’s hard to blame them considering how expensive it is to go cinemas these days, though it also paints a grim picture for future blockbusters attempting to become box office successes today.

Source: Deadline

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