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Future Insomniac Games Projects Leaked – Marvel’s Venom and Marvel’s X-Men Confirmed

Insomniac Games is facing the biggest leak at the studio after a hacker obtained data and held it for random last week. The negotiation process to get this data back from the hacker didn’t go well and they have now uploaded everything to the internet. The leak contains actual Marvel’s Wolverine gameplay, concept art from an unannounced Ratchet and Clank game, the studios’ project pipeline and even personal information of the staff working at the company.

The leak has shared details of Insomniac Games’ release lineup and some of the projects the studio is working on. Most interestingly, there are four unannounced games on the list – Marvel’s Venom, Marvel’s X-Men, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 and a so-called “new IP”.

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The release calendar reveals that Insomniac Games is readying Marvel’s Venom for its next big game launch in the second half of 2025. Marvel’s Wolverine is then scheduled for a late 2026 launch. Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 is slated to launch at the end of 2028 followed by a new Ratchet and Clank game in late 2029.

The document then confirms that Insomniac Games is working on a Marvel’s X-Men project scheduled for 2030. Following that, the studio plans to release a new IP in 2031/2032. There are details on this new IP available at this time. Even with the leak.

While the accuracy of this slide is up for debate, the Marvel’s X-Men game might actually be happening. The leaked concept art for Marvel’s Wolverine shows off Mystique, Jean Grey Sabertooth and more. These characters tie into the X-Men universe so it makes sense that Insomniac Games is building up to a finale in Marvel’s X-Men.

Of course, we also have the Marvel’s Venom game which the studio has recently commented on. It claimed to be “investigating” the possibility of developing a standalone Venom game. We now know it is happening. You can take a look at the development schedule here. I won’t share it on the site to avoid legal issues.

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