Marvels Avengers Future heroes She Hulk War Machine

Future Marvel’s Avengers DLC Heroes Include She Hulk, War Machine

This weekend PC, Xbox One and PS4 players can test out Marvel’s Avengers. The beta recently got updated to 1.03 and is now live on all three platforms. However, with the test rolling out on PC, this means players are able to dive into the game files and fiddle around for all sorts of hidden code. One Reddit user stumbled upon all the future Marvel’s Avengers heroes which have yet to be announced.

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We know Crystal Dynamics plans on releasing five more heroes over the next few years for Marvel’s Avengers. But up to now, they have only confirmed the PlayStation exclusive hero Spider-Man. According to leaked game files, all the remaining mysterious heroes have leaked. This includes

  • Captain Marvel
  • She Hulk
  • Kate Bishop
  • War Machine
  • Peter Parker (PlayStation)


According to the user, these heroes were easy to track down in the game files. You see, each character in Marvel’s Avengers include a challenge card which you can use to unlock skins and other items. These unlockables are purchased using Hero Tokens earned in-game. In addition, every listing in the game files that relate to Hero Tokens is backed by a character name.

The user tracked down all the AV1_Currency_AvengerCoins_To_AV1_HeroToken_<HeroName> code and where it says “HeroName” this is replaced with the above list of characters.

Keep in mind that this does not mean these characters are real in Marvel’s Avengers. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics could be throwing users off course by including this code in the beta. However, it seems rather believable right now. With that being said, all these leaked heroes are way too close to the current ones available. She Hulk is well, Hulk, War Machine is Iron Man, Kate Bishop is Hawkeye. They all kind of seem like direct clones of the current Marvel’s Avengers roster. If they are real, let’s hope they bring some variety to the game when they do release.

Keep in mind that this is all a leak so take it with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation of the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers heroes. In the time being, catch up on the PC requirements for the game here and everything you can see and do in the beta here.

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