“G2A Do Not Care About The People Who Make Games” Says Descenders Publisher

We all know G2A and have most likely all purchased something from them at some point in time. G2A is known as a “grey market” seller that been reportedly selling “stolen” game keys for years now.

Mike Rose, owner of No More Robots a game publishing company has had enough of the marketplace and the lack of profit that comes from the platform selling game keys. According to Mike, indie developers make no more than 8% profit on games sold on G2A.

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Mike has gone as far as creating a petition to stop G2A from selling indie games on their platform.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#00F5CA” class=”” size=”19″]G2A do not care about the people who make games, no matter what spin they keep frothing out. Do not fall for it. Plenty of devs have tried to reason with them, but they are not to be reasoned with.[/perfectpullquote]

But the issue has been going on for some time now. Mike tweeted last month that instead of buying inide games on the platform, users should just pirate them instead as G2A would not make any money and the profit share is so low that they don’t even see any revenue from it.

G2A has since taken out sponsored ads on Google so when you search for specific games, the site comes up and urges you to purchase codes from the platform. We have even had G2A Google ads appearing on our site, of which we have little control over.

The fact is, this indie dev feud is not for nothing. If the grey market reseller is indeed making almost 100% profit on these stolen keys, of which they pay very little for then developers are going to suffer in the long run. The industry relies on revenue and it needs to circulate, if it gets cut off due to this, it will have negative effects on the industry.

Have you ever purchased anything on the site? Let us know down below.

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