GabeN Gets a Visit From Kojima Inciting Half-Life 3 Hopes
Half-Life 3 hopes
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The legendary developer of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima, recently took a trip to Valve’s headquarters and met Gabe “GabeN” Newell. Kojima shared his visit on Twitter with some images, one of which you can see above. Obviously, Half-Life fans went crazy and after realising two important details of the images shared, my Half-Life 3 hopes are alive yet again.

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Keep in mind that this is by no means time to run around screaming “Half-Life 3” confirmed at your neighbours, but we know Valve is back to making games and wouldn’t it be grand if they finally made Portal 3, Half-Life 3 or Left for Dead 3? Maybe Kojima made the trip to teach GabeN how to count to three, or maybe, just maybe, Valve wants him for their next project.

Whatever the case may be, there are two things you should notice from Kojima’s Twitter post. In the Tweet’s thread, one user shared the image below, pointing that together, they are holding up three fingers.

Half-Life 3 confirmed

The other important aspect of the Twitter post is that Kojima shared exactly three photos of his entire trip to Valve. Coincidence? I hope not. So we have three fingers, and three images…Half-Life 3 confirmed!

Kidding aside, this is very likely just a playful joke on their part. However, it is also interesting to note that this November is the 20-year anniversary of the original Half-Life.

Check out the other two images Kojima shared from his trip to Valve below.

Kojima Valve

Valve Portal

Sure, I know I am probably grasping at straws at this point, but wouldn’t it be just grand if Kojima took on a project for either Half-Life 3, Portal 3 or Left for Dead 3. Valve bought one studio this year already, so it isn’t impossible to think that Valve would look at working with Kojima Productions in the future.

What do you think about Kojima’s trip to Valve? Does your cat think Half-Life 3 has been confirmed? Let us know in the comment section below.






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