Samsung Postpones Chinese Galaxy Fold Launch Due to “Venue Issues”
Galaxy Fold Launch
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Samsung has reportedly postponed the Chinese launch of its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. The report comes from SamMobile that reports the official reason for the postponement is due to “an issue with the venue” but reports claim that other activities such as shopping mall displays and retail showcases have also been delayed or cancelled.

According to other industry insiders, Samsung is also postponing the launch of the phone in Hong Kong and Shanghai which were also meant to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 

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The date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold South African launch is still up in the air. Samsung is hosting a Galaxy Fold event this week for local media but it seems that it is not the official launch. When will the phone launch in SA? Who knows but if China is being delayed then chances are this will affect the worldwide rollout of the phone. 

Samsung might be blaming the “issues with the venue” for the delay but we all know that it could also be due to the major issues users have been experiencing with the device over the past few days. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been breaking within days of use with broken displays being reported by multiple media outlets and reviewers all around the globe. It is clear the postponement of the smartphone is to avoid further damage to the brand. We cannot wait to see how this “unfolds”. 

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