Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Foldable Phone
Galaxy Foldable Phone
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We have heard rumours about foldable smartphones for months now ever since CES a few years back were LG first showed off their wallpaper TV that you could roll up and unwrap to stick on a wall. I thought we were a few years away from a full foldable smartphone but it seems like the future is now. Samsung has announced the Galaxy foldable smartphone and it could be the beginning of the future.

The Galaxy foldable smartphone makes use of an AMOLED panel which Samsung calls the Infinity Flex display. The device runs a specialized version of Android that has been designed just for foldable devices and utilizes both the open device’s display and the closed screen. Yes, the Galaxy foldable smartphone has two displays. One on the inside of this book-like device and one on the outside.

Samsung was a bit shady about the other specs in the device such as CPU and other hardware and this was mainly due to the device still being finalized in terms of production and design. What we do know is that the display is a 7.3-inch screen that transforms into a tablet when open and when it’s closed, the device acts as a large smartphone.

Samsung claims that the device can be opened and closed “hundreds of thousands of times” without the screen being damaged and they even worked with Google to create this Android version that will work in hand with the device’s hardware. Say you are using an app in tablet mode and close the device. This app will adjust its behaviour to accommodate the style in which you are using the device. The device will also let you use three apps at once with Samsung’s Multi-active Window feature.

I wish I could say we know more about the device but we don’t. Samsung clearly wanted to tease the world with its announcement and will most likely announce it in full early next year at their Galaxy Unpacked event. Could this new phone be the Galaxy X and be Samsung’s 2019 flagship device? We don’t know yet but Samsung confirmed that full production of the device will begin in the coming months. Whether or not it will be consumer ready next year is yet to be confirmed.

Check out the full reveal below.

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