Samsung Denies its New Galaxy S10 5G Phone Burnt From Malfunctioning
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
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Samsung has stood by its new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model after a South Korean smartphone owner posted a picture of a burnt and damaged device claiming it just burst into flames randomly.

According to the device’s owner, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone just burnt without any reason. He claims the phone was on the table when it started to smell like something was burning. Smoke then engulfed the phone and when he picked it up it was too hot to hold and he dropped it to the ground.

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The owner states that he hadn’t done anything to the phone at all and after the device cooled down it was clear that everything inside of the device was burnt and damaged.

After reaching out to Samsung, the company refused to reimburse him for the $1,200 phone claiming that it was not malfunctioning that caused the problem. After a rather embarrassing global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 three years ago, Samsung has to be careful how they handle this.

This story is still developing and it is not clear yet whether or not the device was damaged which led to the combustion of the smartphone. Samsung claims that it was an “external impact” that damaged the device.

Samsung just recently released its new Galaxy S10 5G smartphone in South Korea. The device is a more powerful and pricier version of the standard Galaxy S10 range on the market and boasts 5G network support. The company is currently facing some negative backlash after the failed launch of its Samsung Galaxy Fold

Source: CNA






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