Get An Exclusive Galaxy S10 Fortnite Skin If You Preorder The New Phone
Galaxy S10 Fortnite Skin
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Samsung unveiled its awesome line up of smartphones and accessories during its Unpacked event last night. As expected, the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus were some of the exciting reveals from the South Korean company. Now, Fortnite fans can even get excited about the new smartphones from Samsung, as you get an exclusive Galaxy S10 Fortnite skin if you preorder the Galaxy S10 Plus device.

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The Galaxy S10 Fortnite skin is exclusive to preorders of the S10 Plus model. The Fortnite skin is modelled after K-pop star, Jung Chan-woo. He is a member of the South Korean K-pop band, iKon and now he is immortalised with his own Galaxy S10 Fortnite skin. iKon is a 7-member K-pop band, and Jung Chan-woo is the youngest of the members and known as the maknae – the person responsible to bring cuteness to the band.

Galaxy S10 Fortnite Skin

Seeing as the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus model has a new Snapdragon 855 processor, we’re guessing Samsung is pushing for presence in the mobile gaming market by offering the exclusive Galaxy S10 Fortnite skin for S10 plus preorders. Last year, Samsung’s devices were the first to get Fortnite on Android and also offered an exclusive skin for those who preordered the S9.

All preorders for the S10 devices will get a free pair of Galaxy Buds. These wireless earphones boast 6 hours of battery life for music and 5 hours for calls and can be wirelessly charged by placing them on the back of the Galaxy S10 devices too. Whether you preorder the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus – it doesn’t matter, you get your free Galaxy Buds. But remember that the Galaxy S10 Fortnite skin is exclusive to those who preorder the S10 Plus devices, only.

Are you going to be preordering the S10 Plus to get the exclusive Galaxy S10 Fortnite skin? Or are you thinking of one of the other devices revealed by Samsung?






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