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Gamdias Hebe P1A PC Gaming Headset Review

When looking at gaming headsets it is tough to nail down just what brand to look for on a budget. I have reviewed Logitech headsets, Razer and much more and at the end of it all, everyone has one complaint; the price tag.

For some, R2000 is pretty high and for others, R1000 is high too. So what about a gaming headset with all the RGB bells and whistles for under R900? Well, it is possible and the Gamdias Hebe P1A is just that.

Gamdias Hebe P1A Tech Specs

  • 53mm HD Driver Unit
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Enhanced Bass
  • Flexible unidirectional microphone
  • in-line controller
  • foam earcups
  • full-array RGB
  • Sound vibrators

Gamdias Hebe P1A

The Gamdias Hebe P1A (not to be confused with hebejebes) comes in a premium package and in the box, you will get the headset and a carry bag that you can use to store the headset in. It is pretty straightforward and there is no clutter or any extras to worry about.

Design and Comfort

The Gamdias Hebe P1A is bulky and quite heavy too but feels comfortable when in use. The giant padded earcups give you a decent amount of support while also offering comfort and some noise cancellation. The head mount is also padded with a decent amount of room to stretch and fit comfortably on your head.

The headphones have a very “round” design to them, with them being fairly large. On the exterior of the earcups, there is an RGB ring that lights up giving the headset its “RGB flair”. The ring is not as bright as other headsets on the market but in the dark, it brightens up the headset quite dramatically.

On the left-hand side of the headset, you will find the retractable microphone that pulls out and slides back in when it is not in use. The microphone comes out and you can adjust it to the position you want it to be in.

Gamdias Hebe P1A

Lastly, the two-meter fabric cable features what they call a “smart remote” which is basically a remote where you can adjust your volume, mute your microphone, change your lighting preset on the earcups and turn on and off the vibration of the device.

In terms of comfort, the headset is not too bad and even after about an hour with it on, I was impressed with how comfortable it still was on my head. It is big and bulky so I was expecting a whole different story.


The Gamdias Hebe P1A is a fairly decent headset in terms of sound quality. The 7.1 virtual surround sound delivers some great immersive gaming across the board. I played some Destiny 2 and it was fantastic. All the smaller details came through clearly as I walked past Hive eggs moving and squishing about. Of course, the surround sound comes in handy in multiplayer as every angle around you shoots into your ears, giving you more perception of your surroundings.

Sound quality was fair and clear at the same time. The extra bass gives the headset some kick while the softer tones come through quite clear at the same time. You can, of course, change the various levels of the headset using the Hera software which is available on both PC and mobile too. The mobile version requires you to link your PC to the app through an IP address and while the whole process is a mission to set up, it helps when it is up and running.

The Gamdias Hebe P1A also features a vibration mode that you can turn on when you want to. This accelerates the bass a bit and feels as if the headset is vibrating with loud trembles around your head. I am all for adding cool immersive features to a device and this was not all that bad. The vibration could have used a bit more of a kick but in general, it is a pretty unique feature that I had no idea existed until I pressed the button on the in-line cable remote.

What the positive of this all? Well, the Gamdias Hebe P1A is a pretty packed headset for a really great price and for what you are getting in terms of features and design, you would expect to pay a lot more than R1000 for it.

But there is a downside to it. The overall software experience was a problem for me. The Gamdias range relies on software called Hera and it is just terrible to use. It is unoptimized, looks outdated and is very buggy. It makes the whole set up process a chore but once you mission through it, you have a fantastic headset at your disposal.


For its asking price, the Gamdias Hebe P1A is a great headset. It does not feel cheap, has great sound and some really great features that puts it right at the top of some of the best headsets on the market. The RGB could be brighter but the sound and comfort make up for it all.

Gamdias Hebe P1A

The Gamdias Hebe P1A is available from Evetech for R849

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