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Game of Thrones: The Battle of Winterfell Was Too Dark to See Anything and Fans are Not Happy – Spoiler Free

Probably the most anticipated episode of the last season of Games of Thrones aired last night and while it was an iconic one to watch (I have yet to see it), a lot of fans could not help but wonder why the show was too dark to see anything.

Game of Thrones: The Battle For Winterfell was the biggest episode in the series to date and one of the longest-running episodes in the latest season. It is a pity that no one could see what the hell was going on.

Fans across the globe have taken to Twitter to express their concern for the lack of light in the episode with many of them stating that it was just too dark to see what was happening. Some of them even saying that the full 90-minutes of the episode had them squinting at their TV sets while trying to make out what was going on.

No, it was not a mistake as the episode was meant to be that dark. The episode was even filmed in the dark of night making it one of the most challenging shoots in the series. The use of light in the episode and the lack thereof was used to enhance the cinematic drama conveyed during the show and if you can appreciate that, then you will enjoy the experience.

Some facts about the episode;

  • Took 55 days to film
  • 750 people on the scene
  • Longest s episode ever (82 min)
  • Longest battle sequence in film or TV history & longer than LotR’s Battle of Helm’s Deep
  • Miguel Sapochnik directing (Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards)

If you can’t, then perhaps cranking that brightness up might do the trick. If you are not happy with the brightness in the episode then head to your settings on your TV and increase “Brightness” and “Contrast” for a brighter image. Remember to turn it down else everything is going look too bright after you sit through the long episode. Whether or not HBO will release a brighter version of the episode is still unclear.

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