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Gamer Complains Aloy From Horizon Forbidden West is Not Pretty Enough and it Went Viral

While social media may be a free platform to express your opinion, before you press the “tweet” or “share” button, always think about what you’re about to put out into the world. Sometimes the stuff you share is great but other times it can result in a dumpster fire. Twitter user ApexAlphaJ can relate to this after he took to Twitter to complain about the lack of feminine features on Horizon Forbidden West’s protagonist, Aloy.

While the tweet may have been posted in an innocent nature at first, it slowly gained traction and before you know it the internet started jumping on board defending the character. By the sound of things, ApexAlphaJ is not happy with how Aloy looks in Horizon Forbidden West. He says that Sony has been making most of their female leads in games look “masculine as hell”. In addition, he says that characters don’t have curves or rough non-feminine features (I think he meant they do have rough non-feminine features).


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He goes on to compare Aloy to Ellie from The Last of Us saying that she is an “average” woman. Lastly, ApexAlphaJ shared a photo comparison of the Aloy model in the latest Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay reveal from last week and an artist’s glammed-up rendition of the character. This artwork features an Aloy with loads of makeup on, glossed kips, brushed hair, tweezed eyebrows and perfectly white teeth. You know, all the things you will expect to see on a woman after an apocalypse while fighting off massive machines and swimming through the ocean (not really).

The tweet has since gone viral garnering over 20K retweets and 5K likes. Since the blow-up, the Twitter user has defended his “opinion” a handful of times. He states that “we need to let truth become popular again and stop sugar coating shit” in one tweet. In another, he seems to think that beta males are crybabies and are the majority of the users attacking his opinion on Twitter. He also says that he “loves feminine women and just want to see more of it”.

Of course, it is not Twitter without the replies and users have been hounding ApexAlphaJ since the tweet went viral. Many of them questioning his view on a character set in a world set 1000 years in the future where civilization has crumbled. Others don’t seem to understand why he thinks Aloy is not pretty. Others just seem to want Horizon Forbidden West now… I can relate.

However, the user’s opinion is the tip of the iceberg and reveals other issues surrounding certain males in gaming. Some of them seem to think gaming belongs to them and if they can’t fantasize and jerk off to a sexy woman in a video game then they are triggered by it. Not every character needs to feed the fantasy.

Anyway, here’s 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay to enjoy no matter what Aloy looks like.

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