A gamer in Port of Portland thought that his ranked match in Apex Legends was more important than people getting their flight times after he decided to plug in his PS4. The man took over an airport TV monitor in order to play an Apex Legends match and was stopped by a security official who walked over to him and asked him to stop playing. The man even asked very politely if he could please finish the game but the security refused and stopped him.

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According to Port of Portland Kama Simonds, it was something that they did not want to have happened but it did.

because travelers need the information that we are putting on the screens for them.”

At least the gamer did not put up a fight when asked to turn off his PS4 from the airport monitor.

The gamer clearly thought his ranked Apex Legends match was more important than people getting to their flight on time but let’s be honest, every airport is filled with hundreds of monitors, surely they could have looked at another and left him in peace? We also commend him for his great use of time. We usually play Switch while we wait for our next flight and the thought of plugging in our PS4 into a monitor never crossed our minds (for obvious reasons).

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