Serious Sam 4 is coming to Steam and Stadia in August. However, some gamers may not pick the game up because it seems the new release won’t include harpy boobs. Over on Steam, a bunch of angry gamers took to the community page to question Croteam’s decision to censor the Harpy monster. A thread of over 400 comments went on about the censorship forcing a developer to defend their decision to hide the boobs. According to Danny, the character artist felt the enemy looked better without them.

The thread was created by CoolNatureBoy who complained that he was hyped for the game until he saw the boobless harpy.

“Well …. whoever the artist of this made this change for SS4 is disappointing, but oh well. Fine by me I guess..”

The fact that Croteam had to go explain that the enemy has not been censored is quite disappointing. In addition, users kept going on about the boobless harpy offering alternate ways to add a “variant” into the game that included boobs. The whole thread has been blown way out of proportion. Some users even blaming governments for stepping in and forcing Croteam to censor the Serious Sam 4 harpy boobs.

To be honest, I had no idea the harpy was even in the game. Let alone had no boobs. The trailer, which you can watch down below, shows the enemy for a brief second. Clearly, someone has enough time on their hands to search every frame of a game trailer for a boob.

But as long as the game is now fine by CoolNatureBoy, that is all that matters (not really). I am sure there are better places to look at boobs than in a video game.

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