Games Leaving PlayStation Plus in July

"Expect more in August"

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Games Leaving PlayStation Plus in July

We already know that the all-new PlayStation Plus service will see games come and go from the lineup. Before the service launched in South Africa we already witnessed Sony remove a Evil Genius 2: World Domination  from the library without telling anyone. Sadly, while the company has yet to announce any new games, two more titles are departing the PlayStation Plus lineup in July.

According to the Playstation Store, both Shadow Warrior 3 and Syberia will depart from the PlayStation Plus Essential and Premium lineup in July. Players have until 5 July to play Shadow Warrior 3 and until 19 July to play Syberia (not available in SA).

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Sony has yet to reveal any plans to add new games to the PlayStation Plus lineup in July. Besides the usual PlayStation Plus games arriving next week which include Man of Medan, Arcadegeddon and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, the Extra and Premium tiers of the service remain mostly unchanged (besides these two games departing).

Players can most likely expect to see new games arrive on the higher PlayStation Plus tiers in the middle of the month. However, there’s always the opportunity for games to also leave the service like we are seeing now.

For those who don’t know, the new PlayStation Plus service is now divided into three tiers and includes a base Essential service with monthly free games, Extra tier that contains PS4 and PS5 games and Premium/Deluxe tier that comes with PS2, PS3 and other classic titles. You can read more about the service here and check out the entire South African game lineup here.

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