Games of Thrones Season 8 Will “Surprise People At Every Turn”
Games of Thrones Season 8
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As you can tell from the title, it will be a typical season for the upcoming Game of Thrones but according to reports, everything that we love about the show, sex, blood and gore will be dialled up a notch.

The cast and crew of the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones are giving fans a sneak peek about what to expect in Game of Thrones Season 8 when it begins to roll out on 14 April 2019. In an interview with ET, Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, revealed that her character will be even more ruthless in the upcoming season. She further went on to explain that “I think people will be surprised at every turn this season”.

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When asked how Headey would like to see Cersei’s story end, she said;

“I think I had many fantasies about how Cersei would — if she were to — die. But I think it was, every year, anyone’s lying if they say they didn’t kind of rush to the end of each script and go, ‘Oh, PHEW!'”

Lena did tease how her last day of shooting ended in an interview with Variety last month saying: “My last day on set was really weirdly tedious because I just had to shoot going up and down these stairs and that was it.”. This could be a tease to how her story ends in the final episodes of the show.

Whatever happens, will happen and we cannot wait to sit and watch the show when it releases in April. Hopefully, all loose ends are tied up and we are not left hanging.






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