GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller Review

GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller Review

With official Xbox controllers costing nearly R1,500, players tend to look towards more affordable third-party controllers to get by – a risky gamble depending on how low you’re willing to go with the price. GameSir has always been one of the more underappreciated brands on the market when it comes to the quality of its controllers at a decent price point. The G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller is no exception, offering a surprisingly premium package that’s capable of doing a bit more than the standard, pricier official controllers.

Out of the box, the GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller feels remarkably weighty and firmly built. Its design is inspired by the Nintendo Switch Pro controller instead of the standard Xbox controller shape which is, in my personal opinion, not as good as Xbox’s more comfortable grip but still a leg above many third-party controllers with more generic designs. If the Switch Pro controller shape is your preference, then you’re in luck.

GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller Review

The bright colours on the face buttons and around the joysticks are a bit distracting but that’s honestly just a personal gripe, making me wish there was a variant with more muted colour schemes for the controller. However, the weirdly misplaced green rings around the thumbsticks actually serve a function: they’re anti-friction glide rings, meaning the sticks won’t be damaged when rotating them. It’s a small but smart addition that I ended up really appreciating in the end.

If you don’t like the muted look of the controller, you can easily apply magnetic faceplates to the front, which GameSir sells separately. It goes a long way in providing users with customisation options for the G7 SE and that’s never a bad thing.

Beyond that, the GameSir G7 SE controller is going to surprise you with its build and performance. The biggest selling point is its Hall Effect sticks, which aims to eliminate stick drift and offer a much longer lifespan than even the official controllers. I’ve only been able to test the controller for about a week so I can’t determine its lifespan or if it will develop drift, though GameSir promises that this was implemented to specifically address long-running stick drift issues.

GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller Review

The G7 SE controller also has less clickiness and a softer push on its buttons than the official Xbox controller – of course, this is a personal preference as some players actually prefer the responsive clicks of the original controllers for better feedback, especially when it comes to first-person shooters. However, I quite like the softer touch of the buttons since it’s less noisy and feels great with fighting games like Street Fighter where combos need smooth omnidirectional button inputs.

The quick-latch back buttons are a great touch for players who need to map more buttons for various inputs (especially for games like Diablo) which is easily turned on and off individually for greater customisation. Many third-party controllers are beginning to catch onto the benefits of having back buttons but GameSir’s controller is the first that actually feels well-built and thoughtfully integrated into the curves for a more comfortable grip.

The vibration and feedback is also exceptional on the G7 SE controller, matching Xbox’s official controller without going overboard with its rumbling. It feels particularly great with platformers which, coupled with the smooth button inputs, makes it ideal for hitting precise jumps and positioning. In Elden Ring where positioning, rolling and dodging is life or death, the controller does an excellent job of letting you know when to time your inputs and how hard an attack will hit.

GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller Review

The fact that you can use the G7 SE on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC makes it quite versatile, though it’s quite obvious that it was designed for Xbox consoles first and foremost due to the lengthy 3m Type C power cable. Ideally, you can sit decently far away from your console and TV with 3m but it sadly stands out like an unorganised mess on a PC setup. The lack of wireless connectivity does hinder the controller a bit, unfortunately.

Finally, there’s the asking price for the G7 SE Xbox Wired controller. On most retail sites, it sells for around R1070 which is about R300-R400 less than Xbox’s stock controllers. Taking into consideration what it offers above the standard design and ergonomics, this is honestly a pretty decent price. I can wholly recommend picking this up since the build quality is firm and the list of features available make it a worthwhile accessory with a long lifespan.

The GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired controller is an underrated gem on the market that goes above and beyond expectations. It’s not going to blow you away with its design – again, this just a personal preference since many might like the muted tone of the colours and the Switch Pro-like shape – but if you’re looking for an Xbox and PC controller with great customisation options, sturdy back buttons, a comfortable textured grip and thoughtful design, look no further.

You can pick up the GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller for R1070 on Nexus Hub.

GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller


The GameSir G7 SE Xbox Wired Controller is an exceptional, versatile controller with plenty of great features and customisation options at a pretty decent price, making it ideal for mid-budget setups.


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