New Gaming Jobs Are Officially Recognised By The Chinese Government
Gaming Jobs
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The Chinese government has released a list of official professions, which the government recognises. New gaming jobs have been added to the list, giving some jobs in the profession an official Chinese stamp of approval.

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China’s Occupation Skill Testing Authority lists various jobs officially recognised by the government. After an internal evaluation of the list compiled by the Occupation Skill Testing Authority, more gaming jobs were added to the list.

Some of the gaming jobs that have been added to the list include, “E-sports operator” and “E-sportsman“. The list goes on to give a definition of these newly added gaming jobs, and what the job titles entail. For instance, an e-sports operator is defined as:

Personnel engaged in organizational activities and content operations in the e-sports industry

Some of the key job functions for an e-sports operator include:

  • Conduct overall planning and conceptual planning of e-sports activities, design and develop activity plans;
  • Maintain online and offline media channel relationships, publicize, promote, coordinate and supervise the theme and brand of e-sports activities;
  • Analyze and evaluate the commercial value of e-sports activities, design event sponsorship rights, and expand cooperation with sponsors and contractors;
  • Coordinate various resources of e-sports activities and organize e-sports activities;
  • Produce and publish audio and video content of the e-sports event and evaluate the release effect;
  • Carry out a summary report on the e-sports activities and manage the relevant files.

An e-sportsman is someone who engages “in different types of e-sports competitions, sparring, experience and performances“, with tasks like:

  • Participate in the e-sports competition;
  • Conduct professional e-sports training and acting activities;
  • Collect and study the dynamics of e-sports teams, the content of e-sports games, and provide professional e-sports data analysis;
  • Participate in the design and planning of e-sports games, experience e-sports games and make recommendations; and
  • Participate in the performance of e-sports activities.

Some other noteworthy, high-tech professions that were added to the list, are:

  • Drone pilot;
  • Digital manager;
  • Industrial robotic systems operator;
  • Big Data engineers;
  • IoT engineers; and
  • AI engineers.

As China continues to dominate in the gaming world, more gaming jobs are likely to be added to the list.






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