Garena Free Fire Boasts Impressive Stats Along With Attack on Titan Event

"Over 72 billion views on YouTube in 2020.

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Garena Free Fire Boasts Impressive Stats Along With Attack on Titan Event

Garena is a leading game developer that has been growing tremendously over the past few years. The developer currently has plans to expand into Africa including Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa. This coming after they have asserted dominance already in the Asian, Taiwan and Latin American markets. Garena has its Free Fire game to thank for this success as the free-to-play mobile game boasted some incredible stats in 2020 including the most downloaded game of the year.


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According to App Annie, Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game in 2020. This led to over 100 million active users during its peak period. Outside of its downloads, Free Fire is also trending on YouTube with up to 72 billion views in 2020 across content creator, trailers, esports tournaments and gameplay videos. Its biggest video managed to hit 2.5 million concurrent viewers during the Free Fire Continent Series on YouTube.

The developer Garena has recently announced a new partnership with Kodansha to bring Attack on Titan content to Free Fire. The move sees one of the most popular Japanese anime series partner with one of the biggest mobile games on the market to deliver a crossover event in March. The Garena Free Fire Attack on Titan event will include costumes inspired by the anime which players can equip and wear into matches. These include the Survey Corps division as well as costumes inspired by the man-eating Titans. The Garena Free Fire Attack On Titan event is expected to release sometime in the coming weeks.

Players can expect loads of more content to arrive in Garena Free Fire in the coming months as the developer looks to partner with world-renown brands and franchises. Previous partnerships include Netflix’s Money Heist and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

You can download the game today from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Source: Press Release


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