Gaze at These Gorgeous Final Fantasy XVI in-Game Screenshots

"Summer 2023 can't come soon enough"

State of Play Leaked Announcements Final Fantasy XVI
Gaze at These Gorgeous Final Fantasy XVI in-Game Screenshots

Final Fantasy XVI development is now in its last stretch. During the Sony State of play, Square Enix confirmed that the team is now wrapping up the final parts of the game’s development ahead of the “summer 2023” release date. While the year wait wasn’t the news we wanted, Square Enix did share a brand new “Dominance” trailer with us that showcased some new gameplay, summons and characters.

Final Fantasy XVI is set in the middle of an Eikon war. Players take on the role of Clive Rosfield who is able to wield all sorts of weapons, and abilities but most importantly, summon and control the game’s many Eikons. This means players will get to fight as these giant mythical gods in Final Fantasy XVI.

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While Square Enix is busy polishing up the game, the studio released some fantastic in-game screenshots that showcase the game world and some of the environments players can expect to see. By the look of things, Final Fantasy XVI follows a similar battle system to Final Fantasy VII Remake with a bit of inspiration from Final Fantasy XIII too. The player runs around a battle area and uses abilities and attacks to stagger his foes.

While he is not fighting, the camera angle is also very close to Clive which also seems to represent the same angle as the Final Fantasy VII Remake. You can see from the screenshots below, that this is no top-down Final Fantasy game. In fact, Square Enix mentioned before that Final Fantasy XVI will offer a simpler, yet more intimate experience than Final Fantasy XV.

The studio didn’t want to spend as much as creating the game world and refining advanced game engine features as they did in FFXV. Still, Final Fantasy XVI is looking pretty incredible.

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