Gearbox Software Teases Another Non-Borderlands 3 Game Reveal For PAX East
Gearbox Software
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We know that Borderlands 3 will make its debut at PAX East next week but Gearbox seems to be preparing something else for us to digest too.

The Borderlands creator teased “another game for PAX!” on their Twitter account and this time it is not Borderlands 3 related. The image shows a broken robot on a surgical-like table under a spotlight. The robot is in pieces with tubes going into it.

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The shot is from outside a doorway and from the looks of things, the blackboard at the back of the room has a diagram of this said robot on it as if it has been created.

The only explanation we have right now for this teaser is that it could be Gearbox’s Project 1v1 game which they never fully revealed. The game’s site went live in August of 2017 and since then we have not seen any gameplay or Gearbox openly talk about it.

Gearbox Software

The game has a similar futuristic approach which could tie into this teaser image too. The game is said to be a fast-paced first-person card game with three game modes including Ranked, Challenge and Arena. However, this teaser could be related to something completely different and Project 1v1 could still be its on thing.

We will know more next week when Gearbox fully announces Borderlands 3 and whatever they are teasing now.






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