Gears 5 Looks Fantastic on the Xbox Series X
gears 5 Xbox Series X horde mode inside xbox
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One thing Microsoft is working on is making sure gamers who purchase the Series X and S benefit from some enhancements to their first-party titles. One of which includes Gears 5 of the Xbox Series X. The embargo on sharing gameplay footage from the game dropped over the weekend and media were able to share just how gorgeous the game looks now. 


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Microsoft seems to have updated the game to not only run at a higher frame rate but Gears 5 also looks leaps and bounds better than it used to on the hardware. The new enhancements include higher resolution textures, improves anisotropic filtering, higher resolution volume fog, higher quality depth of field, greater draw distance, increased shadow resolution, high-quality screen-space reflections, bloom lens flare and more. 

According to the tests, the game runs at 4K 60FPS on the Xbox Series X. However, resolution and frame rate aside, the game’s visuals are superb. You can see from the screenshots below that the added changes and tweaks improve not only the overall quality, but the game looks more next-gen than ever. 

This is a great move from Microsoft by giving gamers another reason to head back to the game. Even if you have played it before, revisiting the story mode for an hour or two just to show off your new Xbox Series X will make new adopters quite happy.

Take a look at the screenshots down below;

Gears 5 Xbox Series X Gears 5 Xbox Series X

Now take a look at the full gameplay video compliments of Gamekult. Be warned, it is not in English.







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