Gears 5 Release Date All-But-Confirmed After Massive E3 Poster Goes Up
gears 5 release date
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The Gears 5 release date of 10 September 2019 has been all-but-confirmed now as one of the massive posters that traditionally surrounds the LA Convention Center has revealed the release window of “Fall 2019” for the game. In may, we reported that the Gears 5 release date and boxart was leaked and then, in June, the boxart portion of the leak was officially confirmed to be real.

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For the US, 10 September 2019 is in “Fall 2019” and with the boxart leak being real, there is an astoundingly good chance that the release date will indeed be 10 September 2019. The massive poster was spotted and photographed by GameSpot and you can check it out below.

gears 5 release date

Gears 5 is one of our 10 most-anticipated games of E3 2019 and it would be great to see some gameplay as well as a solid release date. Personally, I’m marking 10 September on my calendar with permanent marker as there is almost no doubt in my mind that the game will release on that day.

We will know for sure after Microsoft’s Press Conference concludes. The Press Conference starts on 9 June at 22:00 SA time and you can watch it live here. Stay tuned as some of the GLITCHED team is at E3 and will bring you all the biggest news and announcements as they happen.

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For now, check out the Gears 5 cinematic trailer below and then tell us if you are excited for the next game in the franchise to release later this year.

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