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Gears 6 Will Reportedly Have a Semi Open-World

According to a new report, Gears 6 will apparently feature a semi open-world and is much further along in development than we think. We’ve heard little to nothing about the next anticipated installment in Xbox’s popular action series but this new report potentially sheds light on new details that haven’t been disclosed yet by Microsoft or developer The Coalition.

The report originates from Nick Baker of the Xbox Era podcast who claims that Gears 6 is much further along than expected in addition to featuring a semi open-world. Baker originally claimed that the game would be open-world but later clarified that it’s not a full open-world and seemingly more akin to the large sandbox zones in Gears 5. Xbox already dabbled in open-world for its first-party titles with Halo Infinite so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it might want to continue that trend with other IPs.

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As with all rumours and reports, take this with a grain of salt for now. However, we think there’s a good chance that Gears 6 will end up having some kind of semi open-world considering that the series already experimented with the feature in the last entry. Whether this means a more dense open area than the admittedly empty sandbox of Gears 5 – which was mainly used for vehicle traversal – remains to be seen.

Earlier this year, developer The Coalition reportedly cancelled two in-house projects in order to focus its efforts on the development of Gears 6. It’s unknown what those two scrapped projects were but some fans theorised it might’ve been Gears of War spin-offs. Last year, Netflix also announced that it had partnered with Microsoft to create a Gears of War movie and animated series, though we’ve heard little about them since the announcement.

Gears 5 is currently available for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility.

Source: Nick Baker

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