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Geekbench Delists 24 Samsung Galaxy Phones Due to Benchmark Manipulation

Geekbench is one of the most reliable performance testing tools in the world. The service is used to test notebooks and smartphones so that users are aware of the power inside their latest piece of tech. Geekbench has been a tried and tested solution for benchmarks but Samsung has now been booted off the service.

Geekbench has announced that Samsung’s latest lineup of phones are no longer listed in the lineup of performance tests. Instead, the 24-now-delisted devices sit right down at the bottom of the Android Performance chart alongside others like OnePlus 9 and some Huawei phones.

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So why did this happen? Samsung has come under fire in recent weeks due to its new Galaxy S22 devices using a Game Optimizing Service (GOS). The GOS has sparked some controversy in the tech world mainly because of the way the service picks and chooses which apps to run at full speed while throttling the CPU on the smartphone across other apps.

The Game Optimizing Service basically locks out the user from controlling the performance of their device meaning you have no control over how well the phone runs while using the apps and playing the games that you prefer.

This throttling approach didn’t go down too well with Geekbench which has since delisted the range of phones from its website. This means you can’t see the performance score nor can you upload your scores to the database if you run through the app.

Geekbench believes that Samsung’s approach to throttling the services on its smartphones is seen as benchmark manipulation. Mainly because Samsung decided to not throttle the Geekbench app itself allowing the device to measure unfair scores during tests that don’t represent the user experience.

Further investigation showed that Samsung actually makes use of this Game Optimizing Service across even more phones. This includes Samsung Galaxy S22, S21, S20 and S10. As such, Geekbench has delisted a whopping 24 phones from the Android Performance chart with no sign of them returning any time soon.

Samsung released a statement last week saying that the company is looking into ways to unlock this setting giving users more control over the performance of their smartphones. Reports claim that Samsung’s GOS could be throttling over 10,000 applications and reviewers have even been given false scores when testing these phones during benchmarks. In short, the Samsung Galaxy S22 chip might be a lot weaker than it seems.

Hello. It’s Samsung. We are constantly trying to expand the option for users and provide the most optimized performance converging customers’ opinions. GOS(Game Optimizing Service) of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is pre-installed for optimizing the performance of CPU and GPU to prevent excessive heating when playing a game for a long time.

To meet the recent needs of various customers, it is planned to update the Game Booster lab to provide an option to prioritize the performance, as soon as possible.

Afterward, we will try our best for customers’ satisfaction and safety by listening to their opinions. Thank You
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