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Genshin Impact Beta Tester Fined $78000 After Friend Shares Leaked Footage

Footage from an upcoming update of Genshin Impact has been leaked online. Leaked footage from a game is nothing new in the world. However, this time around miHoYo has taken legal action against the beta tester who decided to break an NDA and upload the footage to the web. According to the leaker, they were part of the Gensin Impact update 2.5 test and after sharing restricted content, has since been fined $78,000.

The whole story is quite a sad one. The leaker claims that they shared some Genshin Impact update 2.5 video footage with a friend who then uploaded the gameplay online. Unfortunately, the video wasn’t doctored to hide the player’s UID.

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Using the visible UID, miHoYo was able to track down the player and identify where they were situated. They were then issued a fine of $78,000 (around R1.2 million). The leaker claims that they have since been permanently banned from the game and can no longer access their account at all.

The message on Reddit is a strange one. The leaker seems quite distraught about the fine but also about losing his Keqing. The message has been translated and by the sound of things, the player is quite upset about losing their character. It reads:

Feeling upset, can’t sleep, let’s talk.

About the leak, I’ve always been very careful. That friend, I’ve known him for years, I trusted him and told him not to spread it to outside sources. Other people can leak whatever they want, but as long as we don’t do it ourselves.

But I didn’t think that I would get backstabbed today.

When I was informed, I was stunned, I asked him about it, and he admitted it.

Having mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I didn’t think he would leak it, we’ve known each other for a long time, I didn’t think he would be the one to backstab me. On the other hand, he already admitted it.

He said, his friends told him to ignore me, but he feels guilty, so he decided to admit it.

I don’t know how to face him right now.

I was the one who created the leak, I signed the agreement beforehand, I was in the wrong and I admit that. I admit that I was the first person who did something wrong.

500000 is beyond my capabilities, I’m powerless, but it’s such a big number that I don’t even feel anything.

The thing I care most about, is my account.

My account with 30 5-star, and AR 58, a pretty normal account.

But it has my Keqing. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Keqing main. I really really like Keqing. Been playing since day 1, and bought her new outfit 2 days ago, she looked so good.

I think there is something we can learn about this. Don’t share embargoed gameplay for a game. Even if you thin your friend can be trusted.

Source: Reddit

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