Genshin Impact Cross-Save Coming in Version 2.0

"Announcement due on 9 July"

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Genshin Impact Cross-Save Coming in Version 2.0

miHoYo is reportedly set to announce cross-save support for Genshin Impact during its Version 2.0 Livestream on 9 July. At the moment, Genshin Impact locks players into the platform they first started the game on. So if you started playing on PS4 or PS5, you can’t move your save over to mobile or PC. That is going to change soon according to Genshim Report.

The reliable Genshin Impact account says that miHoYo is gearing up to announce cross-save between PS4, PS5, PC, mobile and Switch. Of course, the Nintendo Switch version of the game has not been announced yet and will debut during the Version 2.0 event.


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The account says that players can expect Genshin Impact version 2.0 to launch on 21 July 2021. The cross-save support makes use of the Hoyolab account to store and transfer your data from one device to another.

Genshin Impact details leaking before a livestream is nothing new. Usually, just days before a big announcement, leakers get hold of the major information and make it public. This time it is no different. In addition, this is not the first time we have heard of cross-save support coming to Genshin Impact.

Of course, this news does raise a lot of questions. Especially when it comes to the game’s PlayStation exclusive in-game items and transferring microtransactions from one platform to the other. For example, in-game purchases on mobile are a lot cheaper than on PlayStation. This means users could simply use their mobile account to purchase currency and move it over to PlayStation. I doubt Sony is happy with this. We are going to have to wait and see how things turn out.

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