Genshin Impact Gets Fishing in Update 2.1

"Leaked beta details reveal fishing"

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Genshin Impact Gets Fishing in Update 2.1

Genshin Impact players will soon be able to live their best fishing lives when the next update 2.1 rolls out. According to the leaked beta of Genshin Impact, the upcoming update will add fishing mechanics and 0ther related features. This is all part of a brand-new area called Watasumi Island that is also set to roll out in the next update. Reports claim that Seirai Island is also part of the next update but that has not been confirmed yet.

By the look of things, Genshin Impact update 2.1 is going to be quite a hefty one. Not only will it include new characters named Baal, Kokomi, and Sarah but the possibility of two massive islands to explore and fishing will add hours of content to the already expansive game.

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While very little is known about the fishing mechanics at this time, Genshin Impact will most likely follow the traditional gameplay features when it comes to finding and catching fish. Of course, miHoYo might also tie items related to the feature into quests and possible in-game purchases. Given that Genshin Impact is a free game, don’t be surprised if this happens.

As for the new characters, we do know the Genshin Impact update 2.1 will include three new playable heroes to obtain. All three of them are female. One is electricity, one being fire and the other water. However, their skills and abilities have yet to be confirmed. Here is a leaked render of all the characters.

The upcoming content has no date yet but will enter the beta testing soon.

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