Genshin Impact Makes Over $100 Million in Less Than 2 Weeks

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Genshin Impact Makes Over $100 Million in Less Than 2 Weeks

Genshin Impact, the very popular RPG by miHoYo is set to be a massive success. The game released on 27 September for PS4, iOS, Android and PC and was a big hit. Within its first week, the game grossed over $50 in total revenue across all platforms. In addition, it was named the most successful China game launch ever. This is thanks to the game’s free-to-play model in addition to its multi-platform rollout.


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Within the first week, the game saw over 20 million pre-registrations. Upon launch, the game was downloaded 17 million times. So how has it been doing since? Well pretty great. According to Sensor Tower’s data, Genshin Impact is the second highest-grossing game globally on iOS. It managed to pass the $100 million mark within less than two weeks of launch.

While we don’t know the exact player number, Sensor Tower claims the game saw more than 23 million downloads on mobile devices alone in its first week. That number has no doubt doubled since then. Not to mention the other platforms including PS4 and PC. We predict the entire player base is sitting well into the 40 million mark across all platforms.

But there is still major concern regarding the game. The honeymoon phase is over and players have run out of content and things to do. The Genshin Impact fanbase is also extremely concerned about the game’s rate in which Resin (energy used to open loot caches) refills. Players are stuck with no new quests to complete and no Domains (the game’s dungeons) to finish due to having no Resin to obtain rewards. Of course, one could always just purchase Resin at a premium price. However, the game also relies on “Fate Wishes” which grant players new characters and gear. This too is a premium currency.

We are going to have to wait and see how Genshin Impact survives in the coming months. With a busy October and November in gaming, players might move on.

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