Genshin Impact PS5 Upgrade Features Enhanced Visuals, DualSense Support and More
"Coming in the next few weeks"
Genshin Impact Resin
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Mihoyo has announced a PS5 version of Genshin Impact that according to the developer, boast “enhanced visuals, fast loading, and DualSense controller support”. While we don’t know when the upgrade will arrive, users will be able to upgrade their PS4 version of the game to the new enhanced PS5 game and carry over their progress.

While it is great to see Genshin Impact on PS5, the announcement does not come as a surprise. Mihoyo already confirmed a PlayStation 5 version of the game last year shortly after the game released on PS4, PC and mobile devices.


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Genshin Impact is already free to play on PS4 with cross-play support between console, mobile and PC. The game is playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility and boasts faster load times on the console thanks to Sony’s super-fast SSD. However, the PS5 version of Genshin Impact will further improve the game across the board. Players will notice smoother frame rates, higher resolutions, enhanced visuals such as draw distance and texture quality and of course, super-fast loading time.

Mihoyo says the developer is working on DualSense support for Genshin Impact too which means players will be able to feel haptic feedback from attacks and abilities instead of the traditional vibration. It is unclear yet whether or not the game will support the adaptive triggers.

Sony says the PS5 version of Genshin Impact is set to arrive “soon” in spring (autumn in SA). This means the update could arrive within the next few weeks. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, check out the quick trailer down below showing off the Genshin Impact on PS5.







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