Genshin Impact Surpasses Fortnite’s Day One Twitch Viewership
Genshin Impact PS4 iOS Android
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Genshin Impact is something you should not sleep on. The free-to-play open-world RPG is a colourful adventure full of combat, great characters, and a deep loot system. People are loving it and when they are not playing it they are watching it. According to the South China Morning Post, Genshin Impact has surpassed Fortnite’s launch week Twitch views.


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According to the Chinese site, Genshin Impact hit over 110,000 Twitch views just hours after the game’s launch earlier this week. In addition, the game is now the top-grossing app on Apple’s App Store in China ahead of Chinese short-video TitkTok replica Douyin. Chinese analyst firm claims the game has grossed more than $1.84 million dollars just on iOS sales to date. The number is most likely three times that considering it is available on PS4 and Android.

Not only is the game making waves online but it also marks a huge achievement for China. Genshin Impact is the biggest international launch of a Chinese game to date. Not many games of its kind manage to make it out of the market.

The success stems from before the launch on 28 September 2020. The game had 5.3 million international pre-orders on mobile devices before launch. In addition, the game had 16.3 million pre-orders in China alone. This is an estimate of 22 million mobile pre-orders. Keep in mind, this is not including PS4 which also released on the same day. It seems that it is just the start of the game. Gamers have been praising it for its great combat, rich world, and characters. In addition, in-game purchases are not necessary at all.

If you have not tried the free game I highly recommend you do. I have been unable to play anything else this week. The game is available on PS4, iOS, and Android.






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