Angry Fan Smashes PS4 at Expo After Sony Reveals Shameless Breath of the Wild Clone “Genshin Impact”
Genshin Impact
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Well, this is something you don’t see in the news every day. At the Chinese gaming expo Chinajoy, a PS4 fan decided to smash his console in front of a  massive crowd of people to protest against a recently-announced game called Genshin Impact that looks like a shameless clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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The game called Genshin Impact does look a lot like Breath of the Wild and plays like it too. If anything, you would not know the difference during some gameplay scenes as it features similar-looking enemies, exploration, cooking mechanics and the same art style.


This angry fan thought to destroy a console, which he would obviously have to spend money on to repair or replace was the right thing to do. ZhugeEX posted photos on Twitter as the fan pulled out his PS4 Pro, and threw it on the ground. One photo you can see below shows the console damaged with a piece of it on the ground near it.

The angry gamer was stopped by security before he could finish the job.

But the issue is still quite clear. While the gamer might have been a little cray-cray, he could have a point about the game being a shameless clone. Much of Genshin Impact seems to be copied directly off Breath of the Wild. Sure, there are some differences as the game has some strong Magna and anime influences.

The combat is also faster and seems very arcade-like. Still, it has no doubt been inspired by Breath of the Wild but to call it a clone could be a bit extreme. Clearly, there is no plagiarism at work here and Genshin Impact has been made with good intentions, even if they played a lot of Breath of the Wild during development.

Check out a good 30-minute gameplay demo down below and let us know if you think this is a bit too close to being a Legend of Zelda clone?

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