Normally when we do a free games article, there are two games max and they are almost always PC titles. This has now changed thanks to an indie developer and publisher, Qubic Games, as they are celebrating their 15th anniversary with 10, yes 10 free Switch games.

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Those who own a Nintendo Switch are in for a treat over the holidays and you can grab the first game, Robonauts, right now by heading here. Check out the list of free Switch games and the day they will become available on the Nintendo eShop below, then learn about the requirements to claim them.

  • Robonauts – 10 to 15 December
  • Geki Yaba Runner – 16 December
  • Puzzle Book – 17 December
  • One Strike – 18 December
  • Wreckin’ Ball Adventure – 19 December
  • Koloro – 20 December
  • #RaceDieRun – 21 December
  • REKT – 22 December
  • Mana Spark – 23 December
  • Mystery Game – 24 December

Now, onto the requirements to claim these free Switch games. First off, you need a Nintendo Switch linked to your Nintendo eShop account. Secondly, you need to already own a Qubic Games title. That means you need to fork out some cash, right? Well, no, as you can pick up Coloring Book for free, thereby making it 11 free games in total and allowing you to meet the requirement.

Head on over to this link for more information about the Qubic Games giveaway.

While you get five days to grab Robonauts and keep it forever, after that you will need to claim the next games in the space of 24 hours. If you claim them in time, however, they will be yours to keep.

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Will you be picking up Robonauts and what do you think about this awesome giveaway from Qubic Games for Nintendo Switch owners? Let us know in the comment section below.


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