Get The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme on Your PS4 for Free Right Now
The Last of Us Part II leak Release Date
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Sony and Naughty Dog are celebrating Outbreak Day, the day when the fungus that caused all the devastation in The Last of Us hit critical mass. This mutant Cordyceps fungus changed humans into the Infected and just speaking about it now I can still remember the sound of those “Clickers”. If you are a fan of The Last of Us and can’t wait for the sequel, then we’ve got some great news for you. You can now download The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme on your PS4.

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The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme

This is a very limited time offer, in fact, you can only grab it until today at 16:00 South African time according to the PlayStation Store page. Downloading and subsequently applying this awesome theme was the first thing I did this morning and it looks (and sounds) amazing.

As you navigate through the PS4 UI, you will hear crisp sounds of a gun handling and the music is simply amazing. Ellie’s position also changes depending on where you are in the UI and it all just makes me even more hyped for The Last of Us Part II.

The description for The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme reads:

Customize your PS4 system with a new The Last of Us Part II dynamic theme introduced for Outbreak Day 2018. Featuring Ellie in the woods of Seattle, this theme features dynamic animation, effects, and music from The Last of Us Part II.

Last of us Part II Ellie theme free

For those who do not see this free offer in time, you can always purchase it from the PlayStation Store. From tomorrow, the theme will cost between R30 and R45. At the time of writing, the specific local price is unknown. However, you can grab it for free right now, so get to it! There is also an Ellie Avatar up for grabs, but the local store link isn’t working just yet.

What do you think about The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme and have you installed it on your PS4 yet? Let us know in the comment section below.






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