Those of you familiar with Sucker Punch games will know the studio delivers some great open worlds to explore. The inFamous series being one of them. However, their upcoming Ghost of Tsushima game is now officially the biggest world they have ever and offer more game time than any past releases. In addition, it is a lot bigger than inFamous: Second Son and marks the biggest game and world to come out of the studio to date.

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Sucker Punch spoke to IGN after the recent 18-minute State of Play where Creative Director and Art Director Jason Connell shared details on the game’s world. According to Jason, Ghost of Tsushima not only offers the biggest landscape to explore from the studio, but the sheer amount of things to do in the world has never been done at the studio before.

When asked about the length of the actual game, Jason claimed it was hard to pinpoint. However, players can expect to spend 40-50 hours of Ghost of Tsushima game time with even more time required to complete everything the world has to offer. Jason claims Sucker Punch worked on a world where players can get straight to the point or get lost in the environment for hours on end.

One interesting point he made was the fact that players can venture to any part of the island they can see in the distance.

“You can see pretty far in the game as we show off, and that’s not some fabricated thing with hacks. You can just get down from that mountain and go to those places. It’s stunning what they’ve been able to pull off for us from a technical perspective.”

Sucker Punch has also worked to create very distinctive and unique areas on the island. Every region has its own art direction so you will feel as if you are exploring different landscapes throughout the adventure.

“And while that may feel a little bit loud, when you approach it, it feels very memorable. I can remember where it is, I can see it from everywhere on the island. And that’s important to us because the island’s big and so, and we’re not putting markers all over the place, so you have to come up with other visual anchors to keep your directionality intact.”

Ghost of Tsushima is sounding better and better by the day. You can catch up on the 18-minutes of recent gameplay here or watch it down below. The game is due to release on 17 July 2020 only on PS4.

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