Ghost of Tsushima Gets Horizon Forbidden West Content in New Update

"Find and equip Aloy's Nora gear"

Ghost of Tsushima Horizon Forbidden West
Ghost of Tsushima Gets Horizon Forbidden West Content in New Update

Time to boot up Ghost of Tsushima again. Sucker Punch has released some cool-looking Horizon Forbidden West content for the game ahead of the launch next week.

The gear, which Jin can now equip, is inspired by Aloy and her latest adventure in Horizon Forbidden West. The outfit seems to be her Nora Tribe clothing she wears in most of the trailers. However, getting this gear isn’t as simple as launching Ghost of Tsushima.

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If you want to wear Aloy’s Nora Tribe clothing then you’ll need to find a new Wind Shrine that has appeared in the north of Iki Island. Once there, players need to solve a quick puzzle to earn the gear.

This gear is obtainable the same way players get the other PlayStation crossover outfits. This includes the Bloodborne, Shadow of the Colossus and God of War gear which is already in the game.

Aside from the Horizon Forbidden West gear, the new Ghost of Tsushima update 2.15 also brings with it some bug fixes as well as a new Platinum difficulty level for Survival in the Legends mode. This new difficulty is a step lower than Nightmare but easier than Gold. In addition, it doesn’t feature any weekly modifiers.

Horizon Forbidden West releases on 18 February for PS4 and PS5. Catch up on our interview with Guerrilla Games here where we chat about the game’s story. Watch the latest trailer down below.

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